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Butt Mover is a game which increases your productivity and improves your health in real life without requiring your explicit focus.


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Butt Mover has improved my productivity and health; which makes me feel good.
- Abishek Muthian, Creator of Butt Mover

Butt Trigger

Butt Trigger helps to play Butt Mover without having to press the keys manually.

Butt Trigger
This Butt Trigger configuration is for illustration only, read the setup below for latest configuration.


LoLin NodeMCU Lua V3
ESP8266 LoLin NodeMCU Lua V3
170-Point Breadboard
170-point Breadboard
Momentary Button Switch with Cap
12 x 12 x 7.1 mm size
1 kΩ resister
We need 1 kΩ resistor from such assorted resistor kit
22AWG solid core wire

Good quality 22AWG solid core wire should do the job.

micro-USB power+data cable

Long length micro-USB power+data cable from Amazon Basics should do the job.

Keep the Amazon Basics box which came with this cable as it would handy for the setup later.

Note: Power bank not needed, As Butt Trigger is powered from the computer.


Circuit Diagram
Butt Trigger is a simple NodeMCU switch circuit.
  1. Connect the button, resistor, wires on the breadboard according to the circuit and tape them firmly.
  2. Solder the other ends of the wires from the breadboard to the NodeMCU.
  3. Loop a tag through the Amazon Basics USB data cable box and tie it to the side arm post of the chair.
  4. Place the breadboard in the center of the chair and put the NodeMCU inside the box.
  5. Place a cushion on the chair.
  6. Connect the NodeMCU to the computer using the USB power+data cable.
  7. Flash the firmware.
Flash Firmware
  1. Click the CONNECT button.
  2. Select the Butt Trigger [e.g. USB2.0-Serial (ttyUSB0)] from the pop-up.
  4. Select 'Erase device' and click NEXT.
  5. Select INSTALL and wait for the installation to complete.
  6. Click Next and close the dialog.
  7. Click the game, Press C and follow the instructions.
Butt Trigger requires chrome (or) chromium based browsers to function.

Build and Sell Butt Trigger

Do you wish to build and sell Butt Trigger for Butt Mover? No commission needed.

Why Butt Mover


How does Butt Mover help with increasing productivity? Butt Mover sets 25 minutes intervals for getting our tasks done with intermittent breaks and is automatically triggered when we sit on our chair.
How does Butt Mover help with improving my health? Butt Mover reminds us to take a walk during the 5 minutes breaks between the tasks, After completing 5 tasks it reminds us to take a longer 30 minutes break.
Can I play Butt Mover without Butt Trigger? You can play Butt Mover without Butt Trigger by pressing keys to trigger task and break timers manually. But Butt Trigger is the best way to play Butt Mover as it doesn't require our explicit focus.
Can I buy the Butt Trigger from you? Butt Trigger is currently DIY, But I will be publishing a list of builders to buy from soon.
Would Butt Mover work on my smartphone? Due to the hardware requirements, Butt Mover currently works only on computer and is best used with your workstation.
Why is Butt Mover free? Butt Mover is currently free because its in early access phase, Once its fully released there will be a reasonable monthly fee.
Those who support Butt Mover development now(early access phase), Will get a lifetime license for one time payment.
I have already purchased a license, How can I purchase more to support Butt Mover? You can purchase more licenses below.

Please login for purchasing Butt Mover license.

How can I follow the build of Butt Mover? Butt Mover is being built in public on Twitter on my personal account.
Milestones would be published on Butt Mover's official Twitter account.


Please reach out to me on Twitter for feedback or email for support.

Change log

  • June 2022: Broader public launch.
  • May 2022: Disabled WiFi AP in the firmware.
  • Mar 2022: Early access release.
  • Jan 2022: Branding changes.
  • Dec 2021: Publishing the crowdfunding campaign.